Provides comprehensive protection solution for brand owners looking for safeguard to their brands.
About Us

Our Mission
Our aim is to enable end consumers to identify between genuine & counterfeit branded products quickly and easily irrespective of their geographical location.

According to some recent statistics, the illicit worldwide trade in counterfeit goods was worth more than US$1 trillion in 2012 alone. Even more alarming is the fact that this trade is on the increase. These statistics have dire consequences for global brand owners as they struggle to protect their brand image, reputation, quality, and perhaps most importantly, their customer loyalty. CertiEye is an innovative smartphone based solution that is substantially superior to the existing technologies used against counterfeiters worldwide.

However, most of the security technologies nowadays require expertise or special tools to identify the authenticity of a product, whereas others are easy to replicate and reproduce somehow. There is not a convenient yet secure way for the end consumers to authenticate the product before they purchase it.

By integrating the state-of-the-art patented & patent-pending security technologies together with years of experience & knowhow in manufacturing, CertiEye was born to tackle copies and pirated products.

Developed by Infotoo International Ltd, CertiEye is a free mobile application that is used to scan a printed mark and allows the end consumer to authenticate products by simply using their smartphone. There is no need to buy and install any extra devices; it is a simple application that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Research authorities have estimated that by the end of 2016, there will be more smartphones & tablets on the planet than human beings. By using CertiEye, everyone has the ability to distinguish real products from fakes. For more information regarding the advantages of using CertiEye, please click here.

Our Services
Either enjoy using our printing service or printing the certieye directly by your desired printing factory. it's only up to you!

Being a professional security printing company, we provide high-quality while efficient printing services to our clients. No matter what printing materials & substrates you want the CertiEye to apply to, our well experienced project team & craftsmen can assist you to achieve that.

On the other hand, since CertiEye requires no extra printing equipment or taggant in the printing process, we can provide consultation service and guidelines in helping our clients to integrate CertiEye into their existing printing workflow. For more information about our printing or consultation services, please feel free to contact us.


CertiEye is now IPM Connected

Recording trademark and copyright registrations with local Customs departments can be a timely and frustrating process. CertiEye is now a registered solutions provider to the World Customs Organization via their IPM platform and is accessible to Customs agents in over 80% of countries worldwide.

Infotoo is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with the World Customs Organization (WCO) in the fight against global counterfeiting. CertiEye now forms part of the WCO’s global network of track & trace and authentication solutions interfaced with IPM.

IPM is the WCO’s online tool to combat counterfeiting. This tool enables right holders faced with counterfeiting issues concerning their brands, to exchange information in real-time with field Customs officers.

Using a mobile device, field Customs officers can instantly verify a product’s authenticity simply by scanning the Certi-Mark or Super QR and IPM will automatically launch the CertiEye authentication service.

By joining the WCO’s global network of track & trace and authentication solutions, CertiEye is now officially IPM Connected and is working with the WCO in its on-going effort to combat illicit trade and the growing threat it poses to our society and economy.

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