The CertiEye app is a free Smartphone application that can be used to scan your tamper evident security label allowing the end consumer, customs agents or other IP enforcement authorities to instantly confirm the product's authenticity.

The CertiEye online platform will instantly alert the brand owner each time an out of region scan is detected. This helps to make the investigation of potential grey market and product diversion activities a far less complicated task.

CertiEye's online platform enables registered users to very quickly and easily monitor E-Commerce and Social Media websites. Never before has there been an easier way to supervise external E-Commerce and Social Media activities concerning your brand.

CertiEye targeted messaging allows marketing teams to send promotional messages and offers directly to the smartphones of their customer base. Messages and offers can be specifically targeted to a predetermined customer demographic and geographic location ensuring that messages will hold a high level of relevance to each individual consumer.

Scan your tamper evident security label
Instant product authentication
Scan by CertiEye app to authenticate the product anywhere, anytime.
A Message showing this is a genuine tamper evident security label made by CertiEye
Anti Counterfeit Solution
Grey Market Tracking
All scans of a scans of our tamper evident labels are picked up and stored on the CertiEye platform.
Alerts if/when abnormal Counterfeit or Out of region scans are detected.
anti counterfeit solution
Online Brand Protection
CertiEye's e-commerce website tracking platform makes the task of detecting online counterfeit products easy.
The search engine will display the most relevant links to your chosen search criteria for you to study.
Targeted Promotion
CertiEye allows brand owners to select targeted customers for promotions based on their scanning and web page viewing behavior.
Push notifications will be directly send to selected customers and prospects.
CertiEye's capabilities include
tamper evident security labels,
powerful anti counterfeit solutions,
Instant Product Authentication,
Grey Market Tracking,
Targeted Promotion,
Online Brand Protection
and Market Engagement Tools.

CertiEye is now a registered solutions provider to the World Customs Organization via their IPM platform and is accessible to Customs agents in over 80% of countries worldwide.


CertiEye Provides Anti Counterfeit Solutions Across a Range of Different industries.

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